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& Reporting

You need to head off problems with real-time status monitoring before they occur. Monitoring tools help you spot errors and service failures before they start to impact users. Saramedia helps to monitor your digital performance to increase productivity:

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Monitor Your Digital Performance
Boost Productivity


We offer comprehensive application support and maintenance services to address all of your concerns. We follow a dynamic approach to understand your business needs and deliver the best-suited solutions for them. Our team is experienced in:

Accepted Delivery Speed

Constant Availability

Preventive Maintaince

Software version monitoring and patching

Instrusion detection

Data integrity

Security monitoring

Attack mitigation

Virus prevention and detection

Our Capabilities

Monitoring Multiple Servers

Handling servers from various vendors running various operating systems. Monitoring servers at multiple sites and in cloud environments.

Monitoring Multiple Servers

availability, CPU usage, memory usage, disk space, response time, and upload/download rates. Monitoring CPU temperature and power supply voltages.

Monitoring applications

Using deep knowledge of common applications and services to monitor key server processes, including web servers, database servers, and application stacks.

Automatically Alerts Problem

problems, such as servers or network devices that are overloaded or down, or worrisome trends. Customized alerts that can use multiple methods to contact you – email, SMS text messages, pager, etc.

Triggering actions in response to alerts, to handle certain classes of problems automatically.

Collecting historical data about server and device health and behavior.

Displaying Data

Crunching the data and analyzing trends to display illuminating visualizations of the data.


Besides displays, generating useful predefined reports that help with tasks like forecasting capacity, optimizing resource usage, and predicting needs for maintenance and upgrades.

Customizable Reports

A facility to help you create custom reports.

Easy configurability

using methods like auto-discovery and knowledge of server and application types.


imposing a low overhead on your production machines and services. Making smart use of agents to offload monitoring where appropriate.


Able to grow with your business, from a small or medium business (SMB) to a large enterprise.

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